Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fuel Maintenance

My car says I'm not using enough gas and it's getting a bit stale. So it has switched me to fuel maintenance mode where it runs a lot more on the gas engine to use up some of the fuel. Not that you can really tell from driving. It shuts off the engine at stops and when it's running I really don't notice. Just that I have the blue fuel indicator instead of the green battery indicator for range. So when I get the fuel down to below half, I can gas up and then it will go back to normal mode.

Since I have a car in the barn that needs fuel, I may cheat a bit and pump out some of the gas for the '55 Pontiac and then fuel up Voltie. We'll see.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Service Required

13028 miles and I had about 82% oil life left but apparently GM thinks if you haven't changed your oil in two years, you should get it changed even if you have plenty of oil life left! So I have an appointment to visit Community Chevrolet on this coming Tuesday. Estimated cost = $49.

I also am supposed to get my tires rotated and I mentioned the charge door which still occasionally thinks it's open when it isn't. So...

I thought I would not need to get an oil change in the time I had the car, but looks like I was wrong. I found Community's web site a bit of a mess... I couldn't directly create an account with them until I scheduled service through the web site. Then at the end it invites you to create an account with the info you've just entered. Then they get back to you after matching existing service records with your new account. Only thing is, they now have my Volt in twice... once with historical data and once with my new appointment and no historical data... each a unique car tab in my list of cars. No way I can merge them myself. Also, they still have my old GMC Sierra pick up and I don't own that any longer so I want to delete it... no, can't delete a vehicle. Somebody should show their webmaster how to design web sites. :-(