Monday, June 20, 2011

Ah The Joy of Working With the City

So a few days have passed since the charger has been installed and electrically inspected. I thought I'd give the Electric Service Representative (ESR) a call at DWP and see where we are. Well, someone checked a wrong box or something so Juno didn't know we were ready for the finishing bits he needs to do. But my call alerted him so he said he'd come by today or tomorrow. And he did come by today, only to find that a little red sign that is supposed to be on the box is not there.

Naturally,I had pointed this out to the electrician when he was here but something fell through the cracks. Anyway, I wasn't home but Bob got an earful from Juno about the sign not being there, and then Bob called me later to pass the earful along. :-) I did my part by calling SPX who knew nothing about it but then called the electrical subcontractor. So Scott, the electrician, calls me later this afternoon and he says he doesn't know anything about it. He had talked to Juno's boss, Walter, before starting the work and he said Walter never mentioned it... probably because Juno had left a freakin diagram and description right here with me... I mean, OK, it got overlooked. But I did give Scott the clipboard and showed him the pages. Anyway. Scott was going to call Walter and I imagine I will hear some further news tomorrow. Gee, and it was all going so smoothly up until now! Whoopie!

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