Saturday, December 10, 2011

Road Trip 2

So made a second trip out to Redlands and this time I tried something different. I put it in Mountain mode most of the time I was on the freeway. Total drive was 163.7 miles so I did a bit more driving in Redlands than I did on the first trip. Used 3.34 gallons of gas and got 49.2 MPG for the total trip. Still had 11 miles left on the battery when I got home so I should have taken it out of Mountain mode somewhere between Pasadena and Eagle Rock instead of waiting longer. Would have helped my mileage a lot. Have now used 7.1 gallons of gas. About 74 miles of range left in gas.

Interestingly, the range for the gas varies between 68 and 74 miles, maybe due to temperature. We've been having some pretty cold weather (for us). Overnight lows are down in the 30s, days in the 50s and low 60s. Range has been affected by a few miles and running the heater also cuts range a bit. I'd guess I loose 5 to 7 miles off the electric range due to temperature and heater use.

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