Sunday, April 29, 2012

Charging Issues

One evening last week... maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, I got a message on my phone that the charger had stopped the charge cycle due to the car trying to draw too much current. I noted the time was around 7:30 PM, which was before the car should have been charging anyway! I went out and reset the charger, unplugged and replugged the car, and it started charging immediately. Odd, since it was still before the 8:00 PM scheduled start time. But I let it ride. Then I think it was yesterday that I got a notification that the car was done charging... at 3:15 PM when it definitely should not have been charging. What the heck?

So I went out to the car last evening and found that the car thought it should start at 6:50 PM for some reason. I tried switching the schedules around, going to charge as soon as I plug in, to charge at low peak and off peak, back to off peak only, then switching the peak schedule around, summer/winter dates, almost every part of the schedule. Finally, I'm not sure how, but it got itself back to starting at 8:00 PM again. Will have to see if it sticks. Since I need to schedule service for it soon anyway, I will mention it to them.

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