Saturday, January 12, 2013

January OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics report

As the happy and helpful folks at OnStar tell me, "Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will continue to check in every month to help you make sure that it's ready for the road."

The numbers this month and last clearly split the trip made to visit family out in the IE last month. That trip is about 160 miles and about 120 of them need gasoline power. Hey, that's what the ICE is there for. It's just interesting that it seems OnStar took its 'snapshot' of my month's usage somewhere midway on my trip. It looks like you can also see I am using more electricity per 100 miles due to the colder weather over last month. 

It seems like at this rate, I may never need to get an oil change during the three years I have this car. There are around four months until I hit the two year mark and we're still at 82% oil life?

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