Sunday, February 17, 2013


The weather has been fantastic here this weekend and I was out doing a few things in the garage and cleaning both cars to enjoy it as much as possible. I tried out a new Meguiars waterless wash product this week and it worked very well. It's much easier to buff clear that the AQUANIL-X product I usually use but that tells me it's also possibly not going to protect as well. It also has a very strong fragrance to it, pleasant enough but I really prefer a non-scented cleaner. They say a bottle will do about 4 washes but I got two done with a tad left over. I tend to use a lot of product and plenty of towels to avoid any scratching. At $14 a bottle, the Meguiars cleaner is a bit more expensive than the AQUANIL-X, only because I buy it in gallon bottles and I cut it by a bit more than half with water. It seems way too strong right out of the jug to me, even though they consider it ready to use. The Meguiars does seem to do a great job though. If I found a deal on it I wouldn't hesitate to use it again. A waterless wash with either product goes very fast and really looks great.

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