Thursday, August 4, 2011

ChargePoint Network Notification: GFCI Trip

The station at which your vehicle is charging, CHEVROLET VOLT / FREDERIC FOER01, has detected a Ground Fault and has suspended charging. This could occur when the station detects an abnormal diversion of electrical current that may be flowing to ground. A GFCI fault indicates an abnormality which could be caused by faulty circuitry, wiring or connector in the charging station or in the vehicle. When detected, the station will stop delivering power to the vehicle. The station will retry after a 15-minute countdown, but give up after three occurrences. Please contact ChargePoint customer support or the manufacturer of the vehicle if you receive this notification again.

Thank you,
The ChargePoint Network!

So, I found this about 9:45 and it must have made the three tries. I just unplugged the car and then gave it a few seconds before plugging back in. Started charging right away. <shrug>

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