Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics report

I got the new report this morning and they've added the economy information that has been promised for awhile. I have a low tire alert as well, with 2 tires registering 32 PSI. But the excitement here, just like with the country, is all about the economy... well, fuel and electric mileage economy at least.

So here it is:

To highlight the important aspect of this report, it's the KiloWatt hours - KWh that's important to me. Not surprisingly, since I have used less than one gallon of gas, all the miles pretty much add up to the MPG rating. But I roll on electric so getting 31 KWh per 100 miles of driving is a big deal. If the current power bill is indicative of a typical month, the base TOU rate minus the EV discount plus the "Adjustments" add up to about $.08292 per KWh. Doing the math, that means it costs me about $2.65 to go 100 miles. At today's $4.25/gallon it would cost over $13 to go that distance on gasoline if your car got 32 MPG. Bob's Escalade gets more like 20 so figure on over $21!

That's right!

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