Saturday, October 22, 2011

October OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics report

This monthly email shows that I've driven 655 miles this month, all of them electric, and am supposedly using 29 kW-Hr per 100 miles. The *advertised* rate I stupidly *thought* I was going to get on EV-only night time charging was about 2-1/2 cents a kWH. But now I know there are all sorts of add-ons to that advertised rate, so I really pay about 15 cents a kWH after the dizzying array of taxes, surcharges, aquisition fees and EV discounts, which is still good, just not as breathtakingly amazing as I thought it was going to be. I'm better educated now, if not driving quite as cheaply as I thought. So it still works out to be $4.35 to go 100 electric miles. Meanwhile, the rest of the report shows nothing notable, and nothing needs maintenance.

While some efficiency numbers were included in the email, logging on to the MyVolt web site it looks like the sections on "efficiency" and "mileage" are turned off again. The numbers were definitely off the last time it was working, so I think they've decided to pull it back under wraps.

So I'll take this opportunity to show the graphic from my ChargePoint account:

This shows off my charging pattern and kWH used each day, along with the green house gas savings. Kinda interesting.

But more interesting is looking at the charging totals in a spreadsheet format, so I can see how many kWH each day time my rate (.15/kWH) comes to per month. And so far it's running around $30 each month to drive 5 days a week to work, or about $1.50 per day, just as GM predicted in it's advertising materials. Guess they knew what they were doing. Checking this against the figures on the OnStar report, they seem to match up. $4.35 per 100 miles is .0435 cents per mile, times the reported 655 miles, is just $28.49 for the month. Driving 20 days out of the month that is $1.43 per day.

So, like I say, not as utterly fantastic as I had first thought when I naively believed the advertised rate was what I was really going to spend. But still a lot cheaper, and of course cleaner, than petrol.

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