Friday, July 1, 2011

LADWP - Again

Now is a good time to practice my patience and lessons in anger management. Things happen in our lives that we can't control and there is little point in getting all upset about them to the point that they ruin a perfectly good upcoming three-day weekend.

Juno, the EV rep at DWP had asked me to call him this Friday if the service had not been connected by then. So this morning I called... got no answer but left a voice message. I also dropped him a quick email, figuring I'd try to reach him from both angles. I got a call a bit later from Walter Smith, who I hear is Juno's boss, explaining that the job had been released and sent over to the guys that do the actual setting of the meter and splicing the wires on the 24th of June. Now keep in mind, Juno (and the DWP web site) indicated it would be 5 to 10 days from that date to being live. And Walter did not say mention in his call back to me (which I didn't get live, I got it as a voice message) that anything was different. But he did say that it was now handed off to this other department and he gave me their phone number along with all the information I'd need to get an answer from them as to when it will be connected.

So I called today - twice. The first time, I got a messaging system and realized it was the lunch hour. I did not leave a message but I called back after 1 PM. This time I got a nice lady who told me they had received it on the 24th, and it was handed off to "the crew" on the 27th and that it was *not* scheduled for today but would be completed from 7 to 15 work days, no weekends or holidays included, from the date of receipt, which was the 24th. She told me the schedule is made up daily, not in advance, so she can not tell me what day it will happen, other than the 7-15 day range. I thanked her and then hung up.


So it could take up until July 15th for this to go live. Then again, who's to say it couldn't take longer?

Oh well. Here's a fun video I found today:

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