Saturday, July 16, 2011

Volt Myths Debunked!

Read an interesting article this morning called "Top 10 Myths About The Chevrolet Volt – Debunked!" by Alex Luft. Of course, I had to comment:

Interesting mix of comments to a nicely done article. I’m a Volt owner, as well as a GM enthusiast going way back. Naturally I’m going to defend my decision to go with a Volt. I could have gotten a Leaf, as the range is within my commute. But I get all the Leaf’s advantages and still get a car that can go to Vegas or Portland (from Los Angeles) whenever I want without worry. And it’s every bit a real car. You can’t say a word against its cred as a real car until you’ve driven it. Then, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. Nothing wrong with having a preference. But I bet you will like it because it’s a nice mix of sporty and comfortable. The fit and finish are really excellent, quite comparable to the STS and DTS Cadillacs I had before this car. Mine is fully loaded and it feels every bit worth the $41K price tag even without all the advantages of the Voltec powertrain. But I bought it for the Voltec, make no mistake. I’m a computer guy and a car enthusiast, and this car combines the two interests in a very elegant way. Simple enough for a housewife to operate and geeky enough for Linuxheads.

I do have to comment on the guy who got upset over the question, “compared to what?” That guy said GM just lost his business… over a question posed by a person who is not a GM employee and is not financially affiliated with GM in any way I know of. How do you get through life buddy? People must offend you every five seconds! More importantly, the question explained itself a few words later in the sentence by illustrating there is no direct comparison possible with any other car since there is no other car with this type of system. (The closest I can think of are diesel/electric trains, except I don’t think they have storage batteries.) So the question is semi-legitimate. But, the author of the article must know the comparison is going to be made between the Volt and other vehicles that are not in exactly the save category so perhaps he could have phrased it differently.

Oh yes, I had a great dealer (Bunnin Chevrolet) who was extremely exceptional to work with. I also visited one dealer who wanted $5K over MSRP. I reported him to my Volt Adviser. I opted for the lease because in three years technology will have advanced quite a bit and I’m going to want to have the latest GM has to offer.

I also have extremely low EV electric rates due to LADWP incentives and a Level 2 charger on a Time-Of-Use meter. It costs me about $6 per month[*] to drive my 32 mile round trip commute. No gas required except on weekends when I go visit relatives in Redlands.

;-) (Link to actual comment page)

* I had not actually seen the electric bill for charging at this point, so it was a guess based on the base TOU advertised rate. 

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