Thursday, September 1, 2011

Funny Day at Toyota

A couple weeks back, partner's Escalade was broken into and some damage was some to the sheetmetal around the lock and a door panel inside. We got it covered by insurance and used their preferred shop, which turned out to be the North Hollywood Toyota Collision Center.  Well today we picked it up from the shop and they seem to have done a very nice job. Definitely as good as new. Funny thing was, as soon as we drove in to the shop parking lot (this is down the street from the main Toyota dealership and only does body/collision work) we saw heads turning. When we went inside, people were talking about someone driving up in a Volt. The guy helping us could barely stop asking questions about it and from inside we could see guys come out from the work bays to check out the parked car. When Bob drove off with his Esky, I was still out in the parking lot answering questions. Amazing how little people know about the way these cars work. It was pretty funny when I called work to explain why I was going to be so late getting in. :-)

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