Thursday, May 19, 2011


Here's the new girl, charged up and ready to go.

Meanwhile... copying MP3s to the car's internal hard drive via a memory stick and I discovered that the system doesn't like files nested more that two folders deep. (The root being one folder.) So copying my music library all to the root of the memory stick. Pretty easy. You plug the stick into the USB port (hidden in the center console stowage bin) and the system switches the source to USB. Then press the REC button on the center stack and it prompts to just copy the file now playing or all songs. Select your choice and the system copies it/them over.

I used the tire inflater that comes with the car because two tires were a bit low. Hmmm... that inflater is pretty cheesy. But it did the job. Oh and the electrical outlets all seem to shut off with the car.

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