Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So the contractor, Scott Bryden showed up and turns out my appointment ended up in a 3 pm slot due to some extra special magic of his smart phone. Having experienced that sort of magic myself, I can certainly believe it. Anyway, he was here, he confirmed my location for parking is fine, the box mounting locations are all good, whichever one I choose, and he figures this is a fairly typical TOU installation. So maybe it will fall into the higher end price range of what SPX lists as typical, which I think was $1k to $1600. If so, my out of pocket may only be $400 and DWP might reimburse me for that once I apply.

Scott's company is IBROX Electric,

Looking at the chargers and incentives on the SPX site, it looks like the ECOtality Blink is the charger I will be getting, which looks pretty cool.

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