Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LADWP and SPX Visits

Yesterday, 5/24, the LADWP man came by the house and looked at the area near the main meter where the EV meter will go. Interestingly, they want a very large area of free space around it so even though there is a good bit of room between the main meter and the first window going towards the front of the house, they want to place it forward of that window and before the bathroom window that comes next going towards the font of the house.

Apparently he found no issues that would prevent this service from being added. We had the main upgraded to 100 amp service 11 years ago when we put in the air conditioning and just last year DWP upgraded the transformers in our area, so I figured we would be in reasonably good shape. The guy's drawing was basic, but serves to show where the contractor should put the meter. I added a couple of embellishments, including the location on the other side of the house where I park the Volt, ungaraged - yes, ungaraged. Someday far in the future, the proud owner of Historical Vehicle Chevrolet Volt #3179 will not be happy that the first operator of his car was so callous. But there it is.

So today I am waiting on the SPX guy to come by and tell me what they can do and how much it will cost. So far he is late for his appointment!

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