Friday, January 27, 2012


OK, I'm a GM guy, but my partner's first car was a BMW and he's always had a soft spot in his heart for them. I'm sure he gets tired of hearing me rant about the "crazy BMW drivers" around me on the SoCal freeways.

So when I read recently that BMW was putting out a new 1-series electric, I was interested from an EV standpoint, but not at all from the "BMW" standpoint. Ah but then a flyer from BMW arrived in my mailbox inviting me to become an "Electronaut". 700 of these 1-series cars are available for a 2 year closed end lease. Now that Bob has sold his Escalade and was having trouble trying to decide what to replace it with, I got to thinking... and signed him up to get one of these limited-availability babies.

It's kind of a chance of a lifetime and it combines his like of BMW with his love of EV technology. The stars will have to align just right, but we signed up and already got them to approve our existing charging station. Now we just wait to hear from the dealer as to whether there is a car available for us and if we qualify. Bob is very excited and it's a short enough commitment. Conveniently timed to him selling his Esky and us getting tax refunds.

Of course you know I'll be making comparisons to my Volt here.

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