Friday, January 6, 2012

Rant Against TIME

Another idiotic post about electric cars, this time from TIME magazine.


My comment, in part, to TIME was:

TIME magazine saying that Volt's price tag is a "huge premium over a comparably sized car" is absolutely wrong... it's about the same price as a similarly sized BMW and about comparably equipped. And yes, I've heard from people who've owned both and they feel they are comparable with the Volt getting a bit of an edge over a BMW. But people who don't look very deep into the Volt only see it as an electric version of the Cruze. It is not that at all. And it's not like any other small Chevy. It's not an "economy" car like an Aveo or Spark, so saying it's priced way over similar cars is saying you don't understand what this car is. Unless you've taken the time to go to a dealer and drive one, you don't know what you're talking about. A Leaf or a Prius has a much cheaper feel. Not in the same class at all. But if you think of this as a car in the same league and price as as BMW 3 series, but electric, you've got an idea. 

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