Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charging At Work

Recently our company had an item in the news about adding solar panels to several of their buildings and I contacted the folks who put that news out for us to see if they know anything about possible plans for EV charging stations for employees (and maybe even members) in the future. I've been getting passed around from one manager to another, which is good because those managers are now aware of the interest in the subject. Now I've been in touch with one person who indicated a couple of groups are working on the idea. Right now there is a moratorium on EV chargers while the thing about policies and procedures for people using them, and I've asked to be included on any questions or needed input any of the people looking into this might need. 

Keeping fingers crossed. I don't really need to be able to charge at work, since my commute is 32 miles and well within the 40 or so battery-only miles my car has. And of course, the generator kicks in to take me as far as I want to go beyond that, if needed. But charging at work would reduce generator use for those times when I need to run errands or go somewhere outside my normal commute that would otherwise require me to use gas to run the generator. And I think seeing the charging stations at work would provide a strong incentive for fence-sitters or even folks who haven't considered an EV. For Leaf or Coda owners, it could be the only way their drive would be possible. So I hope I can help get the ball rolling here. Not just for me.

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