Monday, March 19, 2012

Drop Off For Service

My Volt Adviser had arranged an appointment for me to get the "Enhancements for side impact pole performance" done and so this morning at 8:05 AM, I went to the Community Chevrolet service department and they had no idea who I was or why I was there. Vic Marshi, the service adviser, did not have a record of my appointment. He said there was no problem at all in doing the service today. Actually there were 3 campaigns that needed to be done including an air bag check and a charge cord enhancement of some kind. Vic was excellent and the glitch of not finding the appointment was not at all an issue for me, but it did prompt me to follow up with my Volt Adviser to see what happened.

Unfortunately, the rental car experience was not as good. Enterprise came and picked me up at the dealer and I was given a choice of three Chevrolet models, and I had no preference so they gave me a Chevy Impala LT. (Next time, maybe I will look the car over and ask a few questions before deciding!) The Impala is what you would expect from a rental, not horrible but not really nice even on a good day, but on this day it had bug splat remains all over the paint from a very poor washing, and, as it turns out, only 1/8 of a tank of gas. (The dude who walked me through the handoff of the car said 1/4.) This is the second time I've gotten a rental from this facility when I have had my Volt serviced and both times I have had to put gas in the car before I could get on the road to work. This is *really* unacceptable. Whatever contract GM has with Enterprise, they need to specify that the car have some gas in it! I think 1/2 tank minimum to start. I ended up having to wait in line to gas it up before I could go anywhere. Unbelievable. This absolutely HAS to improve.

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