Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hot Wax!

Wow, I went out to wash and wax my Voltie after breakfast this morning... OK morning was over, it was after 12... but as I sprayed my AQUANIL-X and wiped it off, I noticed it was really difficult to buff out to the usual shine. Then I noticed the overspray was turning white and drying almost as fast as it hit the paint. I had noticed it was kinda warm out, and the car was sitting in the sun, but this has not been a problem for several weeks when I've washed the car. Well I checked the thermometer and lo and behold! It's 90° out! And in the sun, I'm sure it's a lot hotter for that product hitting the paint. What a dummy I am! OK, back inside to wait for the sun to go down. I've got some movies to catch up on anyway. ;-)

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