Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wash and Wax

Sunny and a bit warm today, I decided I would pull the Pontiac out of the front garage and do my weekly car cleaning in there instead of out in the sun like last week. When it's hot like that I have so many problems getting the Aquanil-X product buffed off the paint. Since I now seem to have TWO cars to do each weekend, I don't need it being any harder. Working in the garage was nice. I have decent lighting and an iPod hooked up to a cheapo stereo that sounds just fine for a garage. I can sit on an office chair with wheels to do the sides, instead of stooping and kneeling. Works out pretty well. I did my Voltie first, then Bob's ActiveE. His wheels get much dirtier than mine and are harder to clean, having a more complex rib design. But the CroftGate products make pretty easy work out of it. No water needed.

Don't know how many weeks I'm going to want to do *both*cars, but I'll keep doing it until I feel worn out.

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